Earn Your Master's in Psychology
Online From Pepperdine

Earn Your Master's in Psychology Online From Pepperdine

Earning Your Master’s in Psychology Online

The online Master of Arts in Psychology program gives you a broad understanding of human behavior through online classes and course work, and in-person volunteer experience. Whether you want to enter the human services field, advance your career in a related field, or pursue doctoral study in psychology, you will be prepared to take that next step.

The online master’s in psychology is offered to students in many states across the US. Find out if this program is offered in your state.

Online Master’s in Psychology at a Glance


Curriculum and Approach

Our online master’s in psychology curriculum not only teaches you psychological concepts but also the skills to apply them in real-world clinical situations. As a student, you will explore both the art and science of the field, as you learn how psychological principles can be used to assess personality and intelligence, and understand mental and emotional disorders.

Each course builds upon the one before it to develop your understanding of psychological principles and how they can be applied within various professional settings. Courses will introduce you to a range of psychotherapy techniques while providing insight into topics such as multicultural counseling and career development.

Foundation courses are offered as part of the master’s program and may be waived if within the past seven years you have earned a “B” or better in classes covering the required foundation course work.

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Career Opportunities

The knowledge and skills you will gain in the online master’s in psychology program can be applied in many ways. You will be prepared to pursue doctoral study, if desired, or pursue employment within a human services-related setting such as public mental health, education, health care, government, or the corporate sector. Here are some of the roles you may be qualified to pursue after earning your master’s in psychology online:

  • Care coordinator
  • Child development specialist
  • Community outreach specialist
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Executive coach
  • Grant writer
  • Group facilitator
  • Market research analyst
  • Program manager/director
  • Research assistant

Your Future with a Master’s in Psychology

Although the online master’s in psychology program doesn’t prepare you for any specific license, it does enable you to volunteer in a clinical setting, and it can be used as a stepping stone to doctoral study. If you are interested in applying your psychology education outside of direct therapeutic practice with clients, the online psychology master’s may be the best option for you.

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