PSY 690 Community/Clinical Research and Service I

3 Units

This course is the first of a two-part capstone sequence designed to be a culminating experience for the online Master of Arts in Psychology. The sequence provides students with an opportunity to integrate knowledge gained as a psychology master’s student, including statistics, theoretical perspectives in psychology, human development, multiculturalism, and experimental psychology, into cohesive projects, namely, with individualized experiences of both scholarship and service. Students will incorporate the essential core concepts of clinical, community, developmental, social, and experimental psychology learned from previous courses into two domains, both of which will give students an opportunity to complete an individualized course of learning based on a chosen focus.

Domain I will focus on an in-depth original research project that includes either a more extensive critical literature review or a research study that includes a briefer literature review, secondary data analysis, results, and discussion. Both types of research projects will be written according to American Psychological Association guidelines.

Domain I allows theory to be demonstrated through the research project and helps prepare the student for doctoral study or additional research activity in psychology. It provides the opportunity for students to evaluate research studies, to execute independent research projects, to conduct scientific writing, and to make a professional presentation. Domain II will focus on a service learning, community-based experience at an approved site. A log of hours, a description of the population served, a list of duties performed, and several specific reflection assignments on the experience will be completed over the course of this two-part sequence. Signoffs on hours by an on-site supervisor will be required. 

Domain II allows the application of theory in a field setting and helps prepare the student for a career in human services with diverse populations. It provides students with the opportunity to research career opportunities, to experience career options, to evaluate their attitudes and behaviors in professional settings, and to compose professional reports based on these experiences. Prerequisites: PSY 626, 656, 657, 658, and 659.